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Cafe Ürsus 000

Cafe Ürsus: decent coffee shop in Kowloon City

Cafe Ürsus has, before anything, an interesting name.  My two-minute effort on Google yielded no interesting results, but Google translate suggested that it may be Estonian.  My suspicion however, is that the intention was to make a smiling face out of the U.  Which makes this a happy place and that goes pretty well with the kindergarten-like design for the logo indoor. Interestingly, the indoor design had almost nothing to do with the outside.  Where the inside of the shop was…

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Viet Kitchen

Viet Kitchen: The food failed to deliver what the price promised

Viet Kitchen is a new Vietnamese restaurant at the ground floor of Nexxus Building next to the Heng Sang Bank HQ.  Supposedly the chef is from Chom Chom, another Vietnamese shop on Peel Street, which I haven’t verified.  Supposedly food will be good.  We visited some two months after Viet Kitchen opened – when the restaurant should be past its initial stage of adjustments.  So how did it go? The setting of the restaurant was appealingly casual, with comfortable yet limited…

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Marriott Hotel City Centre (Shanghai): Very convenient location, decent restaurants

Again I should begin with the location. Marriott Hotel City Centre is located very close to the west end of the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, a key shopping area in Shanghai. The location was very convenient but the hotel itself is relatively difficult to find, especially if you’re here for the first time. There is only one relatively small sign and the main entrance is on a side street. Tell the taxi driver it’s on Xizang Middle Road and northwards of…

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Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit: Great location

I had to visit Bangkok for business and stayed at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit for three nights. The location of the hotel is superb, right next to the BTS Asoke station with footbridge connection from lobby level.  For those who happen to stay here and wish to use the BTS, don’t make my mistake of leaving via ground level exit to climb the stairs at the BTS station in the hot and humid Bangkok weather, as the hotel has direct…

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Ethos - entrance

Ethos: What’s left when it’s no longer quiet?

Ethos, for us, is located at a very convenient location.  For those who don’t live in the area, however, this might be more difficult to find.  This new fashion boutique cum cafe is located near the top of Hill road, almost opposite the West Gate of HKU.  We came here one Saturday afternoon for a quick coffee – it had to be quick, as the store was packed and we were lucky to have got a table.  This is, unfortunately, no longer…

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Sweets Rococo & Cafe

Sweets Rococo & Cafe: Just a heads-up

Let me put this up front:  Us locusts did not manage to eat here. We intended to have lunch here on a Sunday, and walked into mostly empty tables (some reserved).  The shop is located on the second floor of Sino Plaza, and isn’t far from the escalators.  The seating area is split into two by the walkway, which also acts as the entrance to the restaurant, naturally.  The seating area is well-lit and comfortable, and one can see from…

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ANOVA Precision Cooker

ANOVA Precision Cooker: A beginner’s take

The one thing that has been holding us locusts back from making steaks at home is the lack of confidence in controlling done-ness.  Think about the traditional methods:  1) cook it on a very hot pan, flipping occasionally, and time.  2) sear it on a pan, then cook it in the oven.  3) cook it on a grill, flipping occasionally, and time.  All of these methods are hit-and-miss and require lots of experience to do well.  Even then, an occasionally…

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Dadong - cover

Dadong Artistic Conception of Chinese Cuisine: WTF does that mean?

If you loves food and have to travel around often as part of your job, it is inevitable that sooner or later you’ll start looking for decent restaurants to try when you’re on the road.  That is (in my mind) how the Michelin Guide got so popular in the first place, and is exactly why I ended up at Dadong Artistic Conception of Chinese Cuisine.  Quite a mouthful, yes, but it is essentially one of the newer branches of the…

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Palco Ristorante - Entrance

Palco Ristorante: Lunch set good enough for the price.

Our lunch at Palco Ristorante was pretty much unplanned.  Thanks to Lunar New Year I got to leave work at noon, and with Locust Tunghok‘s interest in trying this restaurant, we quickly booked a table for lunch, and off we went. Palco Ristorante was easy enough to find, located on the second floor of “The Phoenix” at the junction of Luard Road and Jaffe Road.  The restaurant shares a lift with two others on the upper floors, with a dedicated…

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Plat du Jour – credit your photos damnit!

We have wanted to try Plat du Jour for a long time, but we don’t go to Quarry Bay often and on the few occasions when we did try to eat here without a reservation, the restaurant was either closed or past last order time or reserved for a party.  Finally, we have made a reservation for dinner on a weekday evening in January. Located next to Cod Father and opposite a few coffee shops on Hoi Wan Street, Plat du Jour…

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